Martes 25 de Junio 2024

Direct return of migrants

The Mexican president ensures that the United States deports undocumented migrants directly to their countries of origin, avoiding Mexico

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that the United States is now deporting migrants directly to their countries of origin without requiring them to pass through Mexico.

“They are doing it, and significant progress has been made. This is related to Mexico's good relationship with Caribbean countries; we have good relations,” said the president.

In yesterday’s morning press conference, he indicated that the Mexican government has invested more than 200 million dollars to support migration issues towards the United States in the poorest communities of Central America and the Caribbean.

“We are helping and have invested about 200 million dollars to support the poorest communities in Central America and the Caribbean, much more than what the United States invests, and this helps us everywhere,” he indicated.

Meanwhile, the federal leader asked U.S. presidential candidates not to bring up the issue of migration in the first debate on June 27, noting that significant progress has been made in this area thanks to the efforts of current U.S. President Joe Biden.

“Now, as the debate is the day after tomorrow, they should not bring up the migrant issue because I will prove how it stands, what has been achieved, and that half of the reduction is because President Biden opened a legal pathway that did not exist before. Procedures can be done, and one can legally reach the United States,” he assured.

Additionally, he expressed confidence that in the debate, candidates will prefer to talk about militarizing the border, migrants supposedly bringing drugs, declaring drug traffickers as terrorists, and that they will not hesitate to intervene in the case of Mexican drug traffickers. However, he pointed out that in the debate, they do not propose to address the root of the addiction problem among American youth.