Viernes 14 de Junio 2024

Repatriated Bodies of Nationals Who Died in Idaho Falls Accident

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Almost a month after the vehicle accident in Idaho Falls on May 18th, which claimed the lives of Abel, Pedro, Brandon, José Guadalupe, Luis Enrique, and Javier, their bodies have finally returned to the land that saw them born, which they left for the United States of America to work as temporary agricultural laborers.

On June 13th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) announced that the repatriation of the remains of the six Mexicans who died in the tragic accident had been completed. Additionally, nine compatriots were injured in the accident. 

The Consulate of Mexico in Boise has provided timely support to the affected individuals and their families, connecting the victims with lawyers who are part of the External Legal Advisory Program (ELAP), offering them specialized and reliable legal guidance.

Furthermore, a statement detailed that constant monitoring has been maintained with the competent authorities to ensure that the ongoing investigations are conducted rigorously and that the rights of the involved nationals are respected at all times. Subsequent consular actions will focus on liaising with the insurance company of the firm where the H2A visa workers were employed and on the criminal process against the driver of the vehicle that collided with the van transporting the workers.

The MFA reiterated its condolences to the families of the deceased, while through the Consulate of Mexico in Boise and the Directorate General of Consular Protection and Strategic Planning, it will continue to provide timely assistance and support for all individuals affected by the tragedy.

It is worth noting that in an interview with El Heraldo de México USA, -after the tragedy-  the Director General of Consular Protection and Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vanessa Calva Ruiz, announced that from this month until September, a coordinated exercise will be carried out to identify companies that may potentially be on lists or in concerning situations regarding the labor rights of migrant workers. This is in line with the MFA commitment to prioritize the protection of Mexicans abroad in its foreign policy, especially those facing vulnerabilities such as H2A agricultural workers in the United States.