Martes 2 de Abril 2024

Call for Mexican Youth for Cultural Immersion Program Opened

You have until April 22 to apply

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During the summer, young students, Mexican-Americans of second, third, and fourth generations residing in the United States (US) and Canada, will have the opportunity to visit Mexico to explore and strengthen their roots, as well as engage in volunteer work in various communities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), through the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IMA), in coordination with the governments of federal entities and educational and cultural institutions of Mexico, invite Mexican-origin students from universities and community colleges in the United States and Canada to participate in the Cultural Immersion and Volunteer Program (PICV) 2024.

The objective is to provide them with a summer experience that allows them to strengthen their ties with the country and promote cultural connections, as well as to give them the opportunity to work in a volunteer capacity in support of communities in regions of origin of Mexican migrants.

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Throughout three weeks, selected students will remain in Mexico. During the first week, they will engage in a human, academic, and cultural agenda in the country's capital in order to gain an understanding of their roots and develop intercultural skills through workshops with artisans, visits to cultural corridors, environmental awareness activities in protected natural areas, tours of museums, indigenous communities, and archaeological sites, among other activities.

For the following two weeks, they will move to communities in the participating states with the aim of contributing to the well-being of the communities - without receiving financial compensation in return - by conducting educational, environmental, and sports activities.

The requirements for applying are being Mexican or of Mexican descent, aged between 21 and 30 at the time of application, being students of any specialty at universities and community colleges in the United States and Canada, being in good academic standing or being recent graduates (class of 2024).

Additionally, applicants should have the ability to establish good personal relationships and a desire to connect with Mexican communities, have demonstrated some activity in support of their community, have basic proficiency in the Spanish language, and have optimal health to travel and engage in physical activities.

Interested individuals must submit the following documents to the nearest Diplomatic and Consular Representation of Mexico:

  • Completed PICV Participant Form
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Copy of valid student ID or proof of enrollment
  • Proof of community service activities
  • Major medical expenses insurance (with coverage in Mexico)
  • Medical health certificate verifying the ability to engage in physical activities
  • Any official document verifying Mexican origin, such as the participant's birth certificate, passport, birth certificate of one of the parents or grandparents, etc.

Applicants must submit their complete dossier in physical format, accompanied by a simple and digitized copy, to the corresponding Diplomatic or Consular Representation. Representations will verify that all requirements are met before sending the documents to the IMA. The deadline for Mexican Diplomatic and Consular Representations to receive applications is Monday, April 22, 2024, at 12:00 local time of each jurisdiction.

To view the complete call, you can consult the following link.