Jueves 4 de Julio 2024

Sheinbaum presents constitutional initiatives to ensure universal scholarships, support for women, and non-reelection

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Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico's virtual President-elect, has sent three priority constitutional reforms to the Ministry of the Interior. These reforms will be forwarded to the Congress of the Union. The aim is to ensure that, during her administration, a Universal Scholarship for students across the country, non-contributory pensions for women aged 60 to 64, and the prohibition of re-election are implemented.

Accompanied by Ernestina Godoy, who will become the president's Legal Advisor starting in October, Sheinbaum outlined the changes to Article 4 of the Constitution that will enable support for 22 million students from preschool through high school. 

They emphasized that the transitory articles specify that this right will gradually be granted to secondary school students in 2025. Regarding pensions for women aged 60 to 64, it was noted that they will receive at least half of the pension provided to those aged 65 and older.

The proposal also includes lowering the official age for the universal pension from 68 to 65. The third reform proposal aims to prevent the immediate re-election of deputies and senators after their term ends. This provision also applies to alternate legislators who, for any reason, have taken on the role of primary legislators.

The reform proposals were sent the same day to the Ministry of the Interior to undergo the necessary procedures before being submitted to the Chamber of Deputies for processing and approval in the 66th Legislature.

Universal Scholarships in the First Three Years of Government

Sheinbaum stated that this action fulfills a campaign promise, noting that the support will be gradually extended to achieve universal coverage within the first three years. 

She mentioned that the SITE reform proposals and those concerning Indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities are still being developed, with budget constraints under consideration.

"In the case of children, we will start in 2025 with 6 million adolescents attending secondary school from ages 12 to 15, though the formal age varies. For women, it will cover 1 million individuals, establishing the condition of universality. This will be fully achieved within the first three years," Sheinbaum committed.

Today at 11:00 AM, Claudia Sheinbaum is scheduled to present the third part of her cabinet. This announcement will include the appointments of the heads of the social and cultural sectors.