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Presidential Race in the US: Video Reveals Donald Trump's "Unified Reich" Goal

The Republican campaign team said the reference to a "unified Reich" in the published recording was unintentional

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"What’s Next for the United States?" is the title of a video published on Donald Trump's Truth Social account, which includes references to a "unified Reich" among hypothetical news headlines if he wins the presidential election on November 5.

The 30-second video shows several articles styled like newspapers from the early 1900s, seemingly recycling text from reports about World War I, including references to "German industrial strength" and "peace through strength."

One of the articles in the clip claims that Trump would deport 15 million migrants in his second term, while the on-screen text lists the start and end dates of World War I.

Highlighted messages include "Trump Wins!!" and "Booming Economy!" The word "Reich" is largely associated with the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, although the references in the video shared by Trump seem to relate to the formation of the modern pan-German nation, which unified smaller states into a single "Reich," or empire, in 1871.

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Another headline in the recording implies that in a second term, Trump would reject the "globalists," using a term adopted by the far-right that can signal antisemitism, according to experts.

"It wasn’t a campaign video; it was created by a random online account and posted by an employee who clearly didn’t see the word while the President was in court," said Karoline Leavitt, a campaign spokesperson, in a statement. "The real extremist is Joe Biden."
Leavitt said the post was not officially endorsed and that the reference to the "Reich" was unintentional.

President Biden’s campaign accused the mogul of echoing Nazi Germany by posting the ad, stating on social media that the video "foreshadowed a second Trump term," according to The New York Times.

Separately, Trump’s campaign team announced that they would sue the creators of the film The Apprentice, presented at Cannes, calling it "trash."

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The supposed chronicle of his early years as a real estate promoter in NY is a ruthless satire and includes an alleged rape committed by the former president against his then-wife, Ivana.