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Artist Pedro Trueba brings Mexican color to the world

With over three decades of career, the visual artist brings a showcase of national joy and color wherever he goes.

Créditos: Throughout his career, Trueba Has Painted Over 9,000 Pieces. Photo: Courtesy
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One of the guiding principles of Pedro Trueba's work is combining the memory of his native Veracruz with an abstract yet vibrant and distinctly Mexican style. For this visual artist, borders do not exist.

Whether in a plaza in Guatemala or a club in Dublin, Trueba is driven by the desire to represent a small part of the vast artistic universe encapsulated within his country with great pride and passion.

"Our reality inspires me by representing a joyful Mexico and Veracruz because Veracruz is my homeland. I was born there, in Minatitlán, Veracruz. I have a strong connection with the state of Veracruz and, of course, with Mexico. 

"Representing Mexico has always been an honor for me, and I represent it through realistic art. On the one hand, working with lots of movement, color, and textures is realistic. There is also a section of abstract works, representing the energy, movement, and transformation of feelings and emotions that cannot be seen or touched," he explains in an exclusive interview with El Heraldo de México.

An artistic Ambassador

In addition to his work with the brush, Trueba is a prominent figure in the national cultural world. He served as deputy director of museography at the National Museum of Anthropology, where he undertook significant projects in venues like the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

With his paintings in tow, the architect has exhibited in spaces in New Zealand, Jordan, Guatemala, and the United States, where the Consulate of Kansas City recently invited him to unveil a mural and exhibit 40 of his more than 9,000 works.

"I am just back from Kansas City. The exhibition is still on display until September 30, and the response from the Latin and Mexican public and the attention I received at the consulate was wonderful," he details.

. Bringing the color and joy of Mexico to the world is one of the visual artist's goals. Photo: @ConsulMexKan