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Joe Biden Rules for asylum in the United States to be tightened

The new changes have raised concern among various human rights groups. However, defenders of the proposal claim that the asylum system is 'obsolete.'

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According to critical sources within the Washington government, President Joe Biden is about to present a series of modifications to the asylum system in the United States and to some of its most essential regulations and details. These changes, which the Department of Homeland Security will reportedly announce, are intended to speed up the removal process for applicants who do not meet eligibility requirements.

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What Changes Could the Asylum System in the United States Have?

Currently, eligibility determination is made based on factors evaluated during initial interviews. However, the proposed modification now involves applying these standards from the prior selection stage, which would expedite the expulsion of immigrants considered ineligible due to 'risks' to national or public security, according to 'Politico.'

The previous measure has generated controversy among diverse political and human rights groups. These have expressed concern about how the proposed changes will affect asylum seekers, mainly those people fleeing situations of violence and persecution in their countries. In addition, some critics argue to Joe Biden that the application of stricter standards also gives rise to subjectivity faculties, which could increase the risk of deportation for people who genuinely seek protection.

Nonetheless, supporters of the proposed modifications argue that they are required and urgent. They believe the current asylum system is burdened and inefficient, and the changes are crucial to streamline the process and address demanding national security concerns. They also emphasize that the reforms aim to ensure that immigrants in genuine need of protection can receive it in a timely manner.

Credits: The White House

While the changes initially focus on the screening process for asylum seekers, experts warn that the new mechanics could pave the way for broader changes in immigration policy. This underscores the importance of all stakeholders, including policy analysts, government officials, and human rights organizations, to closely monitor the evolution of these proposals and their potential long-term implications for the United States.

Meanwhile, as cited by 'The Hill,' a group of House Democratic lawmakers is 'urging' Joe Biden to use his executive faculties to address border security. In a letter to the president, the group highlighted that the only sustainable solution to stop both the flow of illegal immigrants and the trafficking of fentanyl is concerted action between all governments involved, especially in a close period to the elections.

The group's call to Joe Biden also highlights the political approach surrounding the border issue in all its areas. At the same time, it recalls the Republican blockade of the bipartisan border bill (issued at the beginning of the year.) The above suggests that the issue with the 'renewed' asylum system could have little legislative viability before the elections.

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