Miércoles 27 de Marzo 2024

Mexican rescued alive after collapse of Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland

So far, eight individuals affected by the collapse have been identified, three of whom are of Mexican origin

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During the morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that a Mexican national was rescued alive after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, due to the collision of the cargo ship Dali with one of the pillars, which caused the structure to collapse.

He added that two more Mexican individuals remain missing; however, their identities will be protected for security reasons. "We know who they are and where they are from, there is communication with their families, and assistance is being provided."

According to President López Obrador, individuals of Central American origin who were engaged in construction work are also among the missing. He took the opportunity to call for respect and appreciation for the work done by migrant workers, as they put their lives at risk.

"This demonstrates that migrants are doing midnight jobs, hazardous jobs, and therefore they do not deserve to be treated as usually happens with some irresponsible politicians with little sensitivity in the United States, and the majority of those missing are migrants."

On the other hand, the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico in the United States reported that a total of eight people were repairing the asphalt surface of the bridge when the ship hit the bridge pillar.

Three are Mexican nationals, two from Michoacán and one from Veracruz; one of them, originally from Michoacán, was rescued alive and is in recovery, while the other two remain missing.

The other five individuals are presumed to be of Guatemalan and Salvadoran origin, as reported by the Embassy of Mexico in Washington yesterday. Today, local authorities continue the search for those who have not been located.

The bridge was inaugurated in 1977 and carries more than 11 million cars per year, about 31,000 per day. It is named after Francis Scott Key, the author of the lyrics of the United States national anthem.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) reported that the Dali experienced a "momentary loss of propulsion" before the accident. Prior to Monday's impact on the 2.6 km-long bridge, around 1:30 in the morning, the ship issued a distress call that allowed traffic to be stopped and lives to be saved, declared Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

If you are Mexican and require assistance or protection as a result of this incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes available the number 202-997-0560 of the Mexican Consular Section in Washington.